How the BJP will win from delhi loss

The Delhi Elections is just puzzling to the naked brain. If we look at the polls from the layman’s perspective, it will look like a giant leap for Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party.  He will be treated like a hero who single headedly stumped BJP to win the Delhi Elections.

But, the Delhi elections brought to fore the real important developments.

These elections can be termed as the truly secular elections where the single point agenda was development and welfare in everyday lives. It turned dramatic with the Imam of Delhi pledging full support for the Aam Aaadmi Party and urged muslims to vote for AAP. But for the first time ever, this support would have been crucial for any other election, but this time, the support was rejected. There was no minority appeasement here.

Amit Shah is a seasoned strategist.

If we observe the build up to the election, AAP focused the campaign on REAL issues, the issues that mattered to the common man on the ground. Issues like the power tariffs and his promise to cut the tariffs to half.  But, coming to the BJP, they never focused on real ground issues. It was almost as if they just didn’t care about it. Also, the media gag on Bedi, the chief ministerial candidate of the BJP didn’t help either. She appeared weak and as merely taking orders from the high command.

The second most important development was that there was no mention of the Congress.

It was as-if congress never existed at all. No body was taking about the Congress. May-be that’s the real agenda of Mr.Amit Shah.

He makes no effort to hide his agenda of a Congress mukt bharat. And if the aap manages to win the elections (which it will), the AAP becomes the second fiddle to the BJP. People will start looking at the AAP as the true alternative to BJP and not the congress.

But the point here is AAP is a one man party and kejriwal is the face of it. It cannot take on the ground level infrastructure that the BJP has in rest of the country. Now, when the image of the AAP is built, as the main challenger to bjp, aap will be easy to beat anywhere in the country.

Kejriwal will be too busy with delhi to live upto the expectation of the party. One more thing we have to consider is that Delhi is still not a full state. Even though Kejriwal is in power, he can be controlled to the extent as to limit his achievements and label him as a total failure and a unsuccessful manager in 3 years time.  All this looks like a well planned strategy by Amit Shah. The only interesting thing to see will be with how big a margin does aap manage to win. The plan almost looked like the bjp wanted to lose these elections with a thin margin and push kejriwal to power. Then, don’t allow him to perform and bring down the government in 3 years time. This will be the true end to kejriwal’s idea and the aap’s ideology  once in for all, instead of making them lose in these elections.

The main focus of bjp seems to be Bihar and West Bengal. The signs of which are evident with the disturbances in Jdu there. Now, if they lose the elections, the hindutva feeling can be stressed upon and the people will almost tide in numbers to keep the bjp’s nationalist agenda alive.  This will be a unique fillip the bjp will have before they go to Bihar elections and will surely bring a lot of votes in its favor. They can surely bank on their win in bihar and take the same momentum to West Bengal.

In a sense, the BJP has more to gain from the loss in Delhi than it would ever get if they won in Delhi. Bringing Bedi into the fray almost insulates everyone in the Bjp from the Delhi loss. The blame can be squarely made on bedi and the core bjp doesn’t get touched on this issue at all.

As they say, its not always about winning, sometimes it is a loss that you have more to gain from. Delhi will always be there for Bjp to get to power, but this strategy goes on to prove that Mr. Amit Shah is a true genius at work.

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