I Love Brand PAN NIT

Dear fellow Alumni from NIT SURAT

Greetings !

Our Annual Event is just round the corner….its happening next Friday 17th april !!!!.

Have you secured your entry ticket for the event ??

We are pleased to bring to your notice that PAN NIT AA ME is celebrating its fourth anniversary NIT MOMENTS 2015 on 17th April 2015 at HOTEL MARIOTT – JADAF DUBAI (near Latifa Hospital, same venue as last year).

Few highlights of the event are
Padma Vibhushan Dr Madhavan Nair , ex ISRO Chairman and the main person behind ‘Chandrayan’ project ( India placing satellite on the moon) will be the Chief Guest on 17th AprilIndian Consul General in Dubai will share the dias and address the audience tooNIT Directors from NIT Trichy and NIT Surat will address tooHigh Achiever Pan NITian Pradeep Kar, Founder and CEO of Microland Computers will grace the occasionLeading successful NITian Entrepreneur/s from UAE will share special growth stories.

Why am I attending ?

am not a PAN NIT ME committee member…but love Brand PAN NIT

am not NIT Suratalumnus …but want to meet alumni from NIT Surat

Want to relive memories of the 4 years of campus legacy

PAN NIT ME has of dated 1500 registered members from Middle East. Great ‘Networking’ opportunity.

800 NITians are from UAE. They are from pass-out batches from 1967 until 2014 and they hold very responsible positions in the industry from Entrepreneurs, Directors, Managing Directors , General Managers , Managers, and Engineers.

The above pool of Engineers is definitely going to be of benefit for an Engineering/ Services Organizations not just for business but also gives a chance to learn the industry year on year. 

Are highlighted in enclosed brochure

Want to hear what Padma Bhushan Dr Madhavan Nair ex ISRO Chairman has to say.

Want to hear words of wisdom and success stories of my fellow NITian Pradeep Kar

Want to hear our Directors from Trichy and Surat speak

Great opportunity for my family to mingle with fellow alumni families’

Have a fun and enjoy filled entertainment program in the afternoon.

Please call anyone from below for your entry tickets for this event. We will deliver them to your place of work/home.

Naval   : 056 367 8964
Ashish : 055 347 7923
Pradeep : 050 462 3290 /  050 652 9069
Bharat/ Ashwini : 055 4684707 / 056 6865362 ( Abu Dhabi)

The stage is all set for another great Annual Day.

But will be incomplete without ‘Your presence’ 

We met last year and now look forward to rub shoulders with you on Fri 17th April

Best Regards

Pradeep Joshi

normal Member- PAN NIT ME
+971 50 6529069
+971 50 4623290
NIT Nagpur – Batch 1981


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