Theft from Car

Thieves are always trying to find new ways to steal your valuables. You may have heard reports of tech devices used to enter your car. But some thieves are using a less intricate method.

Several news outlets have reported a wave of robberies using of all things, a penny or nickel! How are they using a coin to enter your car? Whether your car is sitting in your driveway or a lot when you are shopping, the thief slides a nickel or penny in the door handle of the passenger side.

penny on car door handle

Then they follow you to wherever you are going. When you attempt to use your key for central locking it won’t work, because the passenger car door is jammed. This makes it easy for then to enter your car and steal anything they want.

Thieves are also targeting women at gas stations. The video below shows a series of security clips revealing how they do it. It offers you precautionary methods on how to avoid this scary thievery.

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