On the spot fines of up to Dh2,000

Whether going to a shopping mall or rushing to the airport, the Dubai Metro has come across as the ultimate mode of public transport for millions of Dubai residents.

Fast, away from maddening traffic and ever-so-punctual, the Dubai Metro is packed with travellers no matter what time of the day. However, the more people there are, the more the chances of rule violations.

We give you a run down on common rule violations that can attract fines, ranging from Dh100 to Dh2,000.

Eating OR drinking

Eating or drinking inside the train AND on the platform is highly discouraged, so make sure you finish that sandwich before you scan your NoL card. Failing to do so will get you a fine of Dh100.

Block access to luggage area

This is especially true during the morning and evening rush. Arguments have sparked inside the train when travellers wanting to deposit their bags in the luggage area can’t do so because someone is blocking access to it – or even standing inside it. Save yourself the effort of having to argue with someone and just step away from the luggage area. It’s not a free standing area. Don’t be that “baggage”. You get a Dh100 fine for doing so.

Take an unauthorised ride in Gold Class or Ladies Section

Of course, this applies only if you don’t legally — and biologically — don’t fit in either category. Strictly no men are allowed inside the ladies section. In Gold Class, meanwhile, you’ll be fined if you fail to present your Nol Gold Card to the attendant inside the coach. Fine: Dh100

Causing inconvenience to others

It’s a broad topic but if other passengers complain about you while in transit, you can get into trouble. This could be anything from stepping on someone’s toes, bringing in objects that are too obstructive, or bringing in pets. Fine: Dh100

Sitting in areas not allocated for sitting

You’re not allowed to sit on the floor, on the sides of the escalator, on the stairs or the connecting tube between two train cars in a moving Metro. There are rare chances when police officers walk around the train and they will call you out if they notice you. Fine: Dh100


Khaleej Times


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